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Here you will find links to the various services that we at macCompanion provide to our readers. We are more than just a magazine, see if there's any other way we can benefit you!

If you would like to make macCompanion your homepage, but don't know how, here we will try to tell you. There are a lot of browsers out there, but we have tried to develop a comprehensive list of the most used browsers and how to change their home page settings.

In the Bazaar, you will find links to more than just Macintosh products from our affiliates and partnerships.

As a special service to our readers, the macCompanion BLOG features happenings from all around the technology universe, as well as tips and tricks from our staff, and the latest press releases that we find particularly interesting. You can even share your thoughts on the entries, and you can be kept up-to-date via our macCompanion BLOG RSS feed.

The Macintosh Community would be nothing without the many website's and pages dedicated to it. Listed here are a fewspecial sites that have allowed us to acknowledge them with a link to their site, and in some cases, they have honored us by linking back. These are great resources, focusing on many different topics that effect the Macintosh environment.

You will find both current issues and back issues of macCompanion as PDF's for download here. This page will be updated every month with the latest issue.

Hearing from readers and publishers and developers is one of the things that makes all our hard work seem worth the effort, it shows that we aren't just writing to ourselves and that there are people out there reading what we have to say.

The great thing about the World Wide Web is the amount of communication and sharing of ideas that it allows. Here you can discuss the latest issues, recent articles, and anything else related to macCompanion.

If you would like to link to macCompanion from your website, we would greatly appreciate it, here you will find pre-made banners for you to use if you would like.

On occasion macCompanion will have contests to try to generate more interest from readers and more public awareness, as well as to try to make macCompanion more fun! Here you can find out all the latest contest happening and even view winning entries from past contests.

If you would like to keep track of the latest articles form macCompanion in your favorite newsreader, here is where you will find out RSS Feed URL.

Here is where to go to sign up to be notified when there is a new issue of macCompanion, and any macCompanion-related news, if you would like to be notified of such events.

We would be thrilled if you would tell your friends and family about us, and here you can do so easily. We thank you in advance for spreading the word about macCompanion!

If American English isn't your language, you will find links to a few translation services to help you be able to read macCompanion. There is about an 80% accuracy rate.
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