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We are the Macintosh Professional Network (MPN, LLC) and want to be your guide to all things Macintosh in a worldwide environment.

We believe in the principle of continued learning. Much of that comes from the school of hard knocks. We'd like to think we take the knocks so you don't have to. We want you to participate in the learning experience provided by the Macintosh platform. We don't think it has that much of a learning curve. Really!

We provide a few book, hardware and software reviews and occasionally do interviews of business professionals who are comfortable using Macintoshes to gain a living. Now why are you here, if you aren't curious about what we think about products? We think you can handle it, can't you? We believe in the principle of "If you can't take it, don't dish it out". And we all live in glass houses, right?

We also think just about everyone that touches a computer should do so because they want to, not because they have to. We want to help make that a possibility. We know Macs and we know other platforms as well. We tolerate those other platforms and their various Operating Systems on a daily basis. We work at them constantly (and they work us too!). Then for the most part, we go home and relax with a productivity machine that gives us back control , just works and works well. We wished it were the same at all the offices we work at. We think you would too. A lot of folks do use them in their work, and we want to let you know who they are and what computer tools they use. Wouldn't you?

We are also advocates for the Macintosh OS X Operating System and any that may follow after it. It is robust enough to handle business applications and do it well in a multi-tasking environment. We want you to know just how well. And we want you to know which applications work great and maybe let you know about some that need a little more time to mature. Some do and some don't.

We work with programmers that specialize in the Mac OS X environment. When they do really good work, we evangelize them! If they need help with their projects we can probably expedite that with our contacts and networking efforts. If you know of a few we don't, please introduce us!

We believe that bad software doesn't live long in the Macintosh environment. Good software on the other hand becomes great software as the word spreads. We try to help spread it, based on our own experiences with many of those applications.

We believe our voices are strong and they are heard. Our suggestions in the past have helped improve products still in use today. We hope those productive synergistic relationships continue.

So come join us, won't you? And let us know what you honestly think, okay? Send us Email at


Robert Pritchett, CEO
macCompanion Magazine
Your Guide to All Things Macintosh
1952 Thayer Drive
Richland, WA 99352

For Investors, our Dun & Bradstreet Number is 78-412-3205.



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