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Jonathan W. Hoyle

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Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh, PA: 3/18 - present

Senior Software Engineer

Research Development for Machine Learning and Applied Artificial Intelligence.



Apple - Pittsburgh, PA: 4/12 - 3/18

Apple Productivity Engineer

Development of Apple's Productivity iWork suite, specifically the Numbers spreadsheet program, for iOS, Mac OS X and iCloud.



Eastman Kodak - Rochester, NY: 10/94 - 2/01; 4/05 - 5/12

Macintosh Software Architect

Coordinating Mac OS X development for Kodak's AiO Inkjet printer family host software with distributed development teams. Primary responsibilities include defining and authoring software specifications for requirements, design software system architecture and manage defects and solve technical programming issues. Hands on involvement with C/C++ and Objective-C development with Xcode projects.

Attended five out of the last six Apple Worldwide Developer Conferences so as to obtain latest information on upcoming development plans for Mac OS X and iOS.

Experience writing C/C++ code for Xcode projects, including application and dynamic library development. Primary developer of communications modules for USB over I/OKit and TCP over BSD sockets in a multithreaded library. Additional experience includes cross-platform development with Visual Studio, REALbasic and Java. Many years of printing experience across inkjet and thermal printer families.



Gene Codes Corporation - Ann Arbor, MI: 3/01 - 4/05

Macintosh Software Engineer

World Trade Center: Design and Development of M-FISys (Mass Fatality Identification System), the DNA forensic identification software used by the city of New York to identify the remains of the victims of the World Trade Center attack on 9/11. In September 2001, Gene Codes was contracted by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to design and write the software; implementation is done using the XP methodology and the C# programming language on the .NET platform. The development team makes weekly releases, each of which is personally delivered to New York.

Primary work in Kinship Analysis for Mac OS X and Windows. This involves determining likelihood ratios and the mathematical equations used for the computations. Metrowerks CodeWarrior was used for the development of the C++ algorithmic code with interfaces for both command-line and cross-platform GUI.

Sequencher: Developing updates to the critically acclaimed Sequencher, a DNA sequence analysis software package available for MacOS and Windows. Instrumental in the Carbonization port of Sequencher 4.2 to Mac OS X. Involved in the development of Sequencher versions 4.5, 4.2.x and 4.1.4. Development done in C++ with Metrowerks CodeWarrior.



  DuPont Core Technology - Wilmington, DE: July 1993 - June 1994

Macintosh Software Developer

Designed and implemented DuPont's HyperColor application, used for extending the color gamut on DuPont printers, as conceived and designed by noted color scientist and expert, Don Hutcheson. The software was praised in MacWeek's review. Contracting Agency: Wesson, Taylor, Wells. Development using MPW C and Metrowerks CodeWarrior.




  • Very strong C/C++ knowledge and capabilities
  • Proficiency in Objective-C and Objective-C++
  • Mac OS X and iOS Software Development
  • Technical leadership of Mac OS X development teams
  • Organizing requirements and specifications
  • Advanced Mathematical skills useful for computer modelling and algorithm analysis
  • Published Hoyle's Poker shareware game on Classic Mac OS.
  • Knowledge of the Xcode and CodeWarrior development environments
  • Experience with Xojo for GUI generation on both Macintosh and Windows
  • Experience with giving technical presentations on various topics.
  • Experience developing web-based technologies, such as JavaScript, PHP and CGI Perl scripting
  • Experience with Visual Studio, C# and the .NET Framework.
  • Experience with the XP (Extreme Programming) methodology




According to Hoyle: macCompanion column, 9/05 - 8/10

Columnist for macCompanion magazine covering software development issues from a Macintosh perspective. Other contributions include reviews for hardware, software and books.

[Archive of According to Hoyle... columns]



Forensic Mathematics and the World Trade Center Project: St. Bonaventure University, 10/11

Presented at Mathematical Association of America Seaway Section Fall 2011 meeting. This presentation describes the Mathematics involved for the Forensic DNA Identification project for victims of the World Trade Center attacks on 9/11/01.

[PowerPoint Presentation] [Web Site]

An Introduction to Surreal Numbers: Rochester Institute of Technology, 4/09

Presented at Mathematical Association of America Seaway Section Spring 2009 meeting. This presentation offers an introduction to the theory of surreal numbers, their contruction and issues related to Calculus and Analysis.

[PowerPoint Presentation] [Web Site]

Counter-intuitive Results from the Hyper-reals: Syracuse University, 4/08

Presented at Mathematical Association of America Seaway Section Spring 2008 meeting. This presentation examines the construction and interesting properties of the Hyperreal number system, including some surprising results of Nonstandard Analysis.

[PowerPoint Presentation] [Web Site]

Infinitesimals in Modern Mathematics: Monroe County Community College, 10/07

Presented at Mathematical Association of America Seaway Section Fall 2007 meeting. This paper compared a number of modern approaches to the mathematical concept of infinitesimals, including the hyperreals of Nonstandard Analysis, surreal numbers, super-real numbers and Smooth Infinitesimal Analysis.

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US Patent & Trademark Office: U.S. Patent #7,211,388, 5/07

Co-inventor and primary implementer for a method for profiling and identifying persons by using data samples provides a collapsed list of one or more aggregated matching samples having consistent STR profiles.

[U.S. Patent Text] [PDF]



Cross-Platform Approaches from a Macintosh Perspective: MacHack, 7/05

Published at ADHOC/MacHack 20, this paper describes various cross-platform strategies for the Macintosh developer, including such frameworks as Qt, wxWidgets and CPLAT. In addition, C++ applications using REALbasic for GUI generation is also described. Suggestions for best practices for cross-platform development is also given.

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The International Obfuscated C Code Contest: Most Functional Output, 8/04

Winner of the 2004 International Obfuscated C Code Contest Most Functional Output Award, this entry graphs polynomial curves on a standard Cartesian coordinate system (auto-scaling the y-axis), obfuscating it down to 8 lines of code and 7 #defines.

[Source Code] [Judges' Comments]



The Mathematics of Forensic DNA Identification: The World Trade Center Project, 2/03

Presented at the 2003 American Academy of Forensic Sciences, this presentation discussing the Technologies and Mathematics involved in the Forensic DNA identification of the victims of the World Trade Center attacks.

[PowerPoint Presentation]



Development Under Extreme Conditions: Forensic Bioinformatics in the Wake of the World Trade Center Disaster, 1/03

Published as a special paper for the 2003 Pacific Symposium on BioComputing, Gene Codes authors Howard Cash, Jonathan Hoyle & Amy Sutton discuss both the personal and technological issues involved in identifying the thousands of victims of the 9/11 attacks. The DNA identification techniques as well as the software development process are explained.

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  University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI

Graduate Studies - Mathematics & Computer Science


University of Delaware - Newark, DE

Bachelor of Science - Mathematics

Minors: Computer Science, Philosophy


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