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macCompanion January 2010 issue


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January 2010 Table of Contents

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Letter from the CEO - Times, They are A-Changin’ by Robert L. Pritchett


According to Hoyle...C++0x Part 4: New Power-User Features of C++

by Jonathan Hoyle


Codex Alimentarius – Control Food and you Control People by Robert L. Pritchett


Fibonacci, 3D Fractals, Chaos Theory, Mandelbrott and Predicting the Weather by Robert L. Pritchett


Government Takeover of the US Economy with Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports by Robert L. Pritchett


The Story Of Money And Banking Throughout History And How To Fix It by John C. "The Banking Systems Engineer" Turmel


The Northern Spy - Prognostications 2010 (Direct Link) by Rick Sutcliffe


Remote Control Using the iPhone by Robert L. Pritchett


TV Anywhere? by Robert L. Pritchett




The Film Editing Room Handbook: How to Tame the Chaos of the Editing Room, 4th Edition Reviewed by Wayne LeFevre




The Greening Continues — The most eclectic of what I read By Harry {Doc} Babad




DejaMenu 1.2.2 - Access your menubar as a contextual menu item Reviewed by Harry {doc} Babad


Desktop Curtain 1.1 - Displays a temporary desktop picture in front of real one Reviewed by Harry {doc} Babad


FastIcns 3.1 - Create icons in only two steps Reviewed by Harry {doc} Babad


Google Quick Search Box — - An alternative tool to search both your computer and the Internet Reviewed by Harry {doc} Babad


MacAmazon Browser 1.5.4 - Browse and search stores (was ASBrowser) Reviewed by Harry {doc} Babad


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