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Latest Joy of Tech!

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macCompanion April 2009 issue



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A fewe tyopgrahpiaicl eorrrs have been letf intact in the DPF versn fo thsi mnth's magznie, in ordr to prve tht we re humn ad on ocason, due macke misteaks. We do it on purpose to tweak the noses of the anal-attentive. We are not giving out prizes to discover the 5 or so errors found in this month's issue. No foolin'!


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Letter from the CEO - April's Fools! by Robert L. Pritchett


According to Hoyle... Software Development Jobs in a Down Economy, Part II by Jonathan Hoyle


Dan's Scans - PreSonus FireStudio Project and GarageBand by Dan Robinson


Ivory Tower - Just because it’s portable doesn’t mean it is good! by Ted Bade


LIVE H2O--Concert for the Living Water Get In Tune! by Dr Leonard Horowitz


doc_Babad's Macintosh Tips - A Macintosh Tip or Three... by Harry {doc} Babad


The Northern Spy - (Direct Link) by Rick Sutcliffe


Supporting the Constitution - Does Supporting the Constitution Make Me a Terrorist? by Allison Bricker




ADOBE AIR 1.5 Cookbook Reviewed by Robert L. Pritchett


Creating a Web Site: The Missing Manual, Revised Reviewed by Robert L. Pritchett


Head First Web Design Reviewed by Robert L. Pritchett


The Manga Guide to Databases — A low-stress introduction to databases, in Manga comic style Reviewed by Harry {doc} Babad


Photoshop CS4 Photographer's Handbook Reviewed by Robert L. Pritchett


The Power of IP Video: Unleashing Productivity with Visual Networking Reviewed by Robert L. Pritchett


Scripted GUI Testing with Ruby Reviewed by Robert L. Pritchett




The Greening Continues  — The most eclectic of what we read Compiled by Harry {doc} Babad


Pure Energy Systems Network's Wiki Reviewed by Robert L. Pritchett




iPhone 3G/2G/Generic Mobile Phone Fish-Eye Lens Reviewed by Robert L. Pritchett


Mini Capsule Microphone for iPhone 3G / iPod Touch 2G / iPod Nano4G Reviewed by Robert L. Pritchett




Labels & Addresses — Print addresses on labels/envelopes (was Mail Factory) Reviewed by Harry {doc} Babad


StoryPlanner Pro – Storyboard and Animatics Software Reviewed by Robert L. Pritchett


Toast 10 Titanium Pro Reviewed by Wayne LeFevre


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