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Infinitesimals in Modern Mathematics, Jonathan Hoyle, MAA Seaway Section, October 20, 2007 2:30 PM Room B11-107

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Fall 2007 Joint Conference between the Mathematical Association of America Seaway Section and the New York State Mathematics Association of Two Year Colleges Region I, hosted by the Monroe County Community College Mathematics Department, October 19-20, 2007.



This talk will tour the various modern mathematical models of infinitesimals. After a brief historical overview of their use by mathematicians over the centuries, modern definitions will be introduced. By extending the ordered field of the reals, Non-Archimedean values appear, and depending upon the construction, standard theorems from analysis may produce very unusual results. An introduction of Nonstandard Analysis will be made first, outlining the constriction of Hyperreals and an overview of interesting results pertaining to this structure. This will be followed by a tour of other mathematical systems involving infinitesimals, including Surreal numbers, Superreal numbers, Super-real fields and Smooth Infinitesimal Analysis.


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