October 2001

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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Happy Halloween!

On my Slideshows page, I have added two new Halloween slideshows, one for Gene Codes and one for my former co-workers at Kodak.

A note on this year's costume: you may recall that I had dressed as Superman back in 1998 at Kodak (a slideshow for that Halloween exists as well), yet this year's costume is a bit different from the one I wore three years ago (see Picture #9 of the '98 slideshow). On Halloween morning I tried on the same costume I had worn in '98, and I became quickly aware that this costume would not do. Being more form fitting and given my long legs, this costume...uh, let's just be polite and say it left little to the imagination. This was a problem even three years ago, but it has not improved any, particularly since I have put on a couple of pounds since then. Furthermore, it contained no pockets for keys, wallet, pass card, etc, and there was little provision in mind for bathroom runs. (I presume Kryptonians had as one of their powers Super-Bladder Control.) And sitting down compounded the "riding up" effects of the trunks, an image I did not feel I needed to share with my new co-workers.

Fortunately, I had purchased off eBay a dark blue long sleeve shirt containing the Superman shield on it. Borrowing the cape and belt from the old costume, and wearing a pair of matching slacks, this combination gave me the effective look I was striving for (without my co-workers have to toss their cookies at lunchtime). The outfit was absolutely comfortable, plus I had pockets, allowing me to carry my wallet, keys, comb, etc. in the usual way. True, my outfit lacked the red trunks and boots, but the much larger red shield compensated for the lack of trunks, and no one seemed to notice such particulars anyway.



Tuesday, October 23, 2001


Journal Neglect

My apologies for the long pause in my journal entries, as it has been a very busy time for me. Returning from Copenhagen had me very busy at work with a new project in August, and then after the events of 911, I have been completely swamped with the new work due to this crisis. Unfortunately, I am not at liberty to publicly talk about what we are doing right now, but I can say it is the most fulfilling work I have ever done. Readers of this fine tome may remember my ambivalence about the move to Ann Arbor; I can say now that I believe I am here at the right place and the right time, and I am greatful to be able to contribute to a worthy cause.




The following are links that have really moved me during this time of crisis. I hope they touch you the way they have me.

  • God Bless America, a moving tribute to the World Trade Center
  • If I Knew, a poem to remember those who were lost and to be thankful for those still with us
  • Hero, Enrique Iglesias' song remixed to honor the true heroes of the 9/11 attacks
  • Day-O, a very clever and humorous Flash animated movie



"Cash Landing"

Many of you have expressed interest in knowing more about the company which "stole me away" from Kodak. Well, you are in luck, as the October issue of Genome Technology has a two page article on Howard Cash, the President of Gene Codes Corporation. It gives you a little bit of a background of the company I work for and the man who made it all possible. Note too that the article written before WTC.


Catching Up

As there has not been a lot to talk about outside work, and since much of that is not available for public consumption, there is not really much else to say at the moment. I know I have some catching up to do from the summer, and I will try to do that perhaps this weekend. More soon...


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