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This page is dedicated to the memory of the victims and families of the September 11th attacks, and to the hundred of others who have since then given their lives in the cause of fighting terror.

Video about Gene Codes and Howard Cash:

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PDF version of the Congressional Record for Honoring Howard Cash and Gene Codes Corporation
PDF version of Development Under Extreme Conditions: Forensic Bioinformatics in the Wake of the World Trade Center Disaster, published by Howard Cash, Jonathan Hoyle & Amy Sutton.
MP3 version of the ABC Radio show interview with Howard Cash.


Television Reports on Gene Codes:

The ABC affiliate in Detroit, WXYZ-TV Channel 7 did a story on Gene Codes on July 18, 2002 for the 11:00 news. It was a feature by Action News reporter Heather Catallo, winner of the 1998 Hearst National Television Award for Excellence in Journalism. The story specifically concentrates on CEO Howard Cash and the company's involvement in the forensic DNA identification software being written for New York City's Chief Medical Examiner's Office for the victims of the World Trade Center attack.

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CBS News does reports on the Chief Medical Examiner's Office in New York on the first anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Director of Forensic Biology Dr. Robert Shaler is interviewed and is shown using the M-FISys software package from Gene Codes Forensics.

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Bio IT World Conference 2004:

Gene Codes Forensics gave a presentation on Bioinformatics for the September 11th project. for the 2004 Bio IT World Conference held in Boston, authored by Dr. Simon Mercer. The presentation was held on Wednesday, March 31. Below is a link to BioIT World's abstract of the presentation.

Abstract for Bioinformatics for 9/11
PDF Document (2.3 MB)


AAFS Conference 2003:

Gene Codes Forensics participated in this year's annual meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, particularly taking part in the Workshop Extracting DNA Profiles from Challenging Sample Materials on February 17, 2003. The presentation given by Jonathan Hoyle is The Mathematics of DNA Identification: Extracting Information from Kinships and Limited Profiles. This presentation covers the mathematical aspect of the identification software used for the World Trade Center project. The slides are available from the links below.

The presentation Mathematics of Forensic DNA Identification is available to download in these formats:

PowerPoint Presentation (2.1 MB)
PDF Document (1.1 MB)
Microsoft Word Document (9.9 MB)
Text Document (12 KB)


PSB Conference 2003:

Gene Codes presented a special paper for the 2003 Pacific Symposium on BioComputing held in Hawaii, authored by Howard Cash, Jonathan Hoyle and Amy Sutton. The presentation was held on Monday, January 6. Below is a link to the presentation.

Development Under Extreme Conditions: Forensic Bioinformatics in the Wake of the World Trade Center Disaster (PDF format)

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Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2002:

Gene Codes President and CEO Howard Cash won the 2002 Entrepeneur of the Year Award for Health Sciences in Eastern Michigan.

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Gene Codes related Publications:

  1. Forensic Bioinformatics in the Wake of the World Trade Center Disaster, Pacific Symposium on BioComputing 2003: Cash, Hoyle, Sutton
  2. M-FISys: Its Development in Response to DVI Needs at the World Trade Center, International Symposium on Human Identification 2003: Cash, Mercer
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